Introduction: Teacher's Day Greeting Card Homemade

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i want to give a handmade cards to my Respected teachers.and after some research and hardwork i made this beautiful card.And now i am sharing it with all of you.So make a beautiful card and impress your teacher with your art.....

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Step 1: Requirements:-

1-Chart paper(of any colour)
1-Art knife
1-marriage invitation card
1-gift wrapping flower
Some colourful bright pens
Some Decorating Paper

Step 2: Size:-

Take the chart paper and cut a part of 40cm*30cm.
and if the chart paper is not hard then take a double size piece of chart and glu it as i did.

After cutting fold it in half of longer size(length) then the front view will be of 20cm*30cm.

Step 3: Front Decoration:-

i took a marriage invitation card and found a good design on it and with art knife separate it from the card.
Use the invitation card,decorating paper,colour pen and decorate it.Like i did.
I also drawn a sketch of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan at the middle of the card bord piece.

Step 4: Opened Front View:-

Search and write some queato and messages and write it at the left and right side of opened card.
draw and cut all necessary Alphabets and glu it at the middle (with pop up support)as i did.

If you want to know How to make Pop-up Card then Search

"How to design Pop-up cards"
you will find everything about pop-up cards.

You can also add any drawing or art in it.

Step 5: Back Part:-

Write a short message and draw some funny drawing and leave the other part blank.

Step 6: Final Result:-

So at the end
Give it to your favorite teacher and your teacher will be happy to see your hard work and talent.
Happy Teachers Day

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