Introduction: Temporary Cheapskate Art Stand

So I am a struggling reluctant wanna-be renaissance man/artist, and I don't want to spend any money on anything. Yet my creative side torments me. Anyway, I wanted to try out painting(once again), but wanted to spend as least amount of money as I can and I was certainly not going to buy an art stand straight away, because I might suck. I needed an art stand, and I decided to make one with existing stuff around me.

Tools needed:

Paper weight
Wire cutters
Scissors or a knife

Materials needed:

A ladder
Metal wire or string (just something to tie stuff)
A useless binder
Something to act as a paper/canvas holder. (L-shape or U-shape)

Step 1:

The glue that I had made the plastic on the binder to "melt" and to come loose on my first try, thus making the canvas holder useless. So I removed the plastic from the needed area exposing the cardboard underneath.

Now I am going to talk as if someone's actually going to make this:
-Cut out an area behind the separated binder front cover, this is where you attach the canvas holder.
-Add glue to the canvas holder piece, then push it firmly against the binder cover.
-Leave it under a paperweight, or a microwave oven transformer like shown in the image, for a while.

Step 2:

When the glue has dried, attach a metal wire through the holes on the binder cover. Put the binder cover on the ladder and adjust the length of the wire so it rests on the desired height. Then use some tape on the sides to make it hold still, the tape can be replaced with clippers. Then it is done. The ladder can be used for its initial purpose by removing the tapes or clippers and lifting the art station away. OR you can enjoy/create art while changing the bulbs (at your own risk of course)