Introduction: Test Tube Flower Rack

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Vintage style wooden test tube racks for table displays at a friends wedding. Made from reclaimed science lab benching, copper pipe and test tubes.

Step 1: The Wooden Part....

The racks have two layers, the top section is roughly 260mm x 45mm x 26mm. The bottom section is roughly 260mm x 60mm x 26mm.

The attached template was cut out and spray mounted to the top section. The bottom section was then stuck with double sided tape to the top section.

Using a pillar drill and small brad point bit you drill through the top section and a few mm into the bottom section. This should guarantee that the top and bottom sections line up. These can now be seperated.

Using a drill bit appropriate to the size of your test tubes, drill the top sections. I would advise drilling nearly all the way through from one side and flipping the piece over and finishing from the other side to reduce tear out.

Then using a large round nose bit drill the depressions into the bottom sections.

Once drilled everything needs a good sand and coat of oil.

Step 2: The Copper Bit...

Measure how long you need your copper pipe uprights by dry assembling your wooden sections with the test tube. Mine needed to be roughly 90mm.

Cut your spaces with either a pipe cutter or hacksaw and smooth the ends and sand any tarnish off. I am using 8mm pipe as that's what I had.

The tubes are epoxied into 8.5mm holes in the top and bottom sections.

Once assembled insert tubes and deliver.

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