Introduction: The Arrival of the Intelligent Robotic Arm

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Shaking hands with guests,talking things,eating and so on these ordinary things, for the health of our lives is in the ordinary things, but for some special people, it is a dream. Some special people mentioned by me are disabled people who have lost their arms. Each of them hopes to live a normal life.

But a team working on artificial intelligence in China has come uo with some good news: an artificial intelligence robot arm is allowing disabled people who have lost their arms to shake hands again.When it comes to artificial intelligence robotic arms, they can be found everywhere in industry. But in another breakthrough in artificial intelligence, this time the arm is being used in a special field for people with disabilities.

So how does an AI robot arm meet the user’s requirements?The electricity. It’s through electricity. You know,every time we move, our muscles generate weak electrical signals, and the artificial intelligence robotic arm responds differently depending on the electrical signals generated by the muscles. There was an experiment where a disabled man who had been born for 50 years and lost his arms, with the help of this machine,was able to shake hands, carry things and do things that he had never done before. Isn’t that exciting?

Next,I will talk with you about how to make a robot hand quickly!!

Step 1: Preparation

Arduino development suite

A6-lead muscle electrical sensor mode

Step 2: Then We Add the Battery and Assemble It!!!

~v~ Interact with our muscles

Step 3: Let’s Start With a Small Motor

Try multiple muscles~