Introduction: The Bacon Tie Version 2

The Bacon tie...  V2!

If you havn't seen my first bacon tie, you probably shouldn't.  It kind of looked like bacon, but this one is better.  I was trying to think of an idea for the bacon contest (Because I love bacon and ipads) and then someone told me to make a bacon tie.  I was thinking, and then I made The Bacon Tie, version one.  I did not post that as an instructable, just as a picture though telling everybody that I would post it as an instructable if I won something. 

     I was feeling nice so I posted it as an instructable and I made it WAY better.  I hope you like it!  PLEASE vote, comment, rate, subscribe, make, make real bacon, tell your friends, (win me an ipad....) , you get the idea.  If I get a lot of votes I will be posting more great projects.  I have a few in mind.

   Also, please send me GOOD pictures of the bacon tie that you made.  I might just use it as a title picture and I might give you a patch once I activate my pro membership.  Please send pictures!

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Step 1: Materials


White Felt
Red Felt
Tie (that fits you)
Embroidery string
Stretchy band or elastic string

Medium needle
Small needle
Pencil (not mechanical)
Fabric scizzors

Step 2: Trace the Tie

Well, this is pretty self explanitory. 

But wait, this isn't a real tie is it?
So what you need to do is measure how long it is from your collar to the tip of your belt.  Then add about five inches to that then trace only that section of the tie. Then trace it on with a pencil.

Then once you are done marking it, cut it out with fabric scizzors.

Step 3: Sewing on Blobs of Meat

  Okay, this part is not very detailed, but what you need to do is draw wavy blobs on the felt.  They will need to be no bigger than one inch wide.  They should be uneven, wavy, and changing just slightly in width the whole length.  Also make the ends look wierd.  If you need inspiration, look at my first bacon on

  After you drew blobs of red felt and cut them out, start sewing them to the white piece of felt that you cut out earlier.  You are going to have to use your own sewing technique, or if you are just lazy you can use a sewing machine.  It might be easier but it won't look as good.  BUT don't sew past the extra five inches.  I did that and the last part turned out a little bit too hard.  NOTE:  each blob should be different.

Step 4:

    Tie a knot and make it look like a tie knot. Then cut off the excess and tuck the end in. 

    Then cut out a blob of red felt to fit the knot and sew it on to the knot. 

Step 5: Sew on the Elastic Strap

Well, this tie is almost over.   Sew on the strap so it is slightly snug on your collar.  Then sew the knot too so that it doesn't fall apart.  Then inspect the whole tie and look for spots that might rip.  Then sew those up too. 

Step 6: Finished!


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