Introduction: The Best Fuzzy Earring

About: My name is Rebeka, I'm a hungarian girl from Transylvania, I like interesting and unique things, I'm passionate about creating accessories like jewelry and many other things.

I really like the special, fancy texture, like fuzzy, furry, shine, flossy matterials. In my house I live around many fuzzy warmy things, like socks, jumper, blanket, hat, plush .... and many other, but still missing something, I havent fuzzy jewelry. For a long time I want to make a fuzzy earrings, and now I started. The final result became very slapping, and really fuzzy. It is a funny piece from my accesories, but I like it and for me suggest the warm, cozy feelings, that is a real winter jewelry.


- 1 Skine of yarn

-1 pcs wooden cross stitch pendant blanke-square

-needle, thread

-2 pcs stud earring base


-saw, dremel, sandpaper

Step 1: Step 1. Sewing in Half

I use only 1 peace of cross stitch pendant, that has a 6*6 cm square shape. I saw that in half, and now become the base of my earrings.

I smoot the edges and corners of the earrings base with a sandpaper.

Step 2: Step 2.

With the dremel I chose a hole, and their I scoop the surfaces of the base. I put the stud earring base through the hole and with glue I fix it.

Step 3: Step 3.

Now comes the best part. I began with the first line, with the first hole. I thread the twist yarn on the hole, and than back, so I become a loop. I cut from the yarn five 4 cm long pieces, and thats I will thread trought the loop. I pull the two ends of the thread, so from the midel, the cutted yarn pieces will be pulled accross the wood base. I tie the ands of the thread and fix it with glue, I make that only at the first and last case.

After the firs "pom-pom" I repeat that process in every second lines in every hole.

Finally we trim the "hair" to the perfect shape.

Step 4: Result

I really like the finally result. Now I have my first fuzzy earrings, that is wery comfy, mushy. I hope you liked it !

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