Introduction: The Big Ice Cream Container

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Hi, everyone! Today's Instructable is how to make a big ice cream container. This project was inspired by my love of ice cream and making stuff. The base model was a very tiny ice cream container I bought at Target, from that I decided to make a bigger version of it because I thought it would be cool to make.

The design of the container does deviate a bit from the model I am using because I wanted to make it themed from one of my favorite ice cream places, Cow's Ice Cream, which can only be found in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada and some of the surrounding provinces. Since I usually visit PEI every summer, but I cannot this summer due to what is going on in the world, this makes this DIY extra special.


- Cardboard

- Paint

- Spray Paint

- Scissors

- Hot Glue

Step 1: Obtain Cardboard and Score It

First things first, obtain some cardboard. The piece that I used was about 9 inches tall and 23 inches long. This piece is going to be used to make the cylinder shape of the container. Then after that I used a utility knife to score partway through the cardboard, so I would be able to easily bend it into the cylinder shape later.

Step 2: Spray Paint It

Then I spray painted the piece of cardboard I used in the previous step. I chose to use a blue color because that matched the color of the Ben & Jerry's container I was modeling it after.

Step 3: Create a Design

Then I made a design as to how I wanted my container to look. Since Harry Potter is my favorite movie series/movie I decided to give it that theme. Using the Cow's logo and the Harry Potter Cow that is featured on one of their shirts, I added that to the design, while also using the clouds and the overall design elements from the original container.

Step 4: Paint the Design

The next step was to paint the design that I had just created. I kept the major design elements that I had used on the model and changed the lettering used for the Butterbeer writing, but I decided to take out some for the extra clouds and the the ice cream cone because I didn’t want the container to look too busy.

Step 5: Glue the Cylinder Together

After that, I glued the two ends of the cardboard together in order to create the cylinder shape of the container.

Step 6: Create and Add the Bottom

Then I made the bottom of the container by tracing the bottom of the cylinder on some cardboard, cutting it out and hot glueing it in place.

Step 7: Spray Paint the Lid Pieces

Then I got two more pieces of cardboard, one long thin piece and another bigger piece that will serve as the top of the lid. Then I spray painted both of those pieces black to match the tiny Ben & Jerrys one.

Step 8: Glue It All Together

After that, I glued the lid together. To do this I wrapped the long thin piece that I had spray painted around the container and used that as a guide to see where I should glue the two ends together. After glueing those two ends together, I traced the circle it made onto the bigger cardboard piece I had also spray painted. Then I cut out the circle and then glued it inside the long thin circle.

Step 9: The Grand Reveal

Then its finally done! I had a really fun time making this ice cream container and it was defiantly a journey! Originally I meant for this container to be a lot bigger and I was halfway through this process of making it when it blew into the lake after I had spray painted it, and it couldn’t be salvaged. That being said, I am really glad with how this turned out and I hope you try this project out some day as well!

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