Introduction: The Country Potter- Make Your Own Wax Resist

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Wax resist is used to cover areas on pottery you dont want Galze or Slip to get on when you dip the peices into your vat of chemicals. Commercial wax resist is avaialable, but at 20$ a pint, im too cheap to go that route. this procedue will make about 1/2 gallon of wax resist for about 10$

this also works well as a saw lube and a tool waterproffer, not to mention one of the best fire starters ive seen

WARNING! These chemicals are Flammable. do this outdoors and do not use open flame.

Step 1: The Materials

you will need,
a glass jar with a tight fitting cap
a box of canning parrafin
a can of mineral spirits
a metal parts brush

a can larger than the glass jar, and boiling water( i use my tea kettle I have to heat the throwing water)

optional, Food Colour (blue or red woks best)
if you dont like the smell of Mineral Spirits, you can add a drop or two of vanilla or cinimon extract to the mix.

Step 2:

into the glass jar, break up 1/2 of the box of parafin. this type comes in 4 cakes. I chunked it into some largist peices, and shaved some of it in too,,  the smaller the better. not need to pack it in tight ..

put the glass jar into the larger can (im suing a coffee can)

and cover with mineral spirits.

Step 3: Hadding the Hot Water

cap the jar loosely, and add the boiling water around the glass jar, until the water is level with the top of the mneral spirits.

let set for a few miniuted

Step 4: Mix in More Wax and Flavours

uncap the glass jar and stir with the brush. most of the wax will have melted, you can keep adding wax until no more will melt.
add the food colouring and scents now if you want them

the final wax will cool to a thick oily opaque material, to use, you just need to warm slightly, and breush on to aresa you dont want glaze on, like feet, or as a decorative acent.

wash you hands with soap and water before you handle any pots, this wax resists is very powerful and very pernicious....

seal tightly  and store in your fire cabinet.

a dab of this wax will light quickly and burn hot and makes a excellent kindling starter.....