Introduction: The Delicious But Nutritious Sandwich

Yayyy ! I made a rhyming title XD

Anyways hello everybody here is how to make a delicious but nutritious sandwich.
This is a very common sandwich I make when I want to eat healthy but I don’t have any ideas for lunch.

You try it too!


You will need:

Sliced bread (whole wheat bread is the best in my opinion but sadly I just had white bread), mustard, mayonnaise, sliced cheese(I used Swiss because it is real cheese and tastes better than kraft cheese s) , tomatoes, egg, and sliced ham.

Step 1: The Basics

Slap down two pieces of sliced bread then spread some mustard on one slice and mayo on the other.

Easy peasy!

Step 2: Dairy and Meat

Put one or two slices of cheese on one side and two slices of ham on the other. I like to put cheese on mustard and ham on mayonnaise but if that’s not okay with you, you do you. :)


Alrighty now you have to wash and slice your tomatoes and lettuce! Make sure you have more veggies than cheese and meat on your sandwich. Trust me it is still delicious! Put the tomatoes on one side and lettuce on the other.

Step 4: Last Part

Now all you have to do is fry an egg, put that on one side, fold the sandwich and BOOM your healthy nutritious and delicious sandwich is done!! Have fun eating!

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