Introduction: Word Picking Game

Hello everybody!
So this word card game that I made is my favorite, always handy, tool that I use when I teach elementary school students English as a foreign language. However this game can be played by anyone and also modified to fit any grade, really!

So the concept of this game is that there are a bunch of slips of paper with words in a box and the teacher or parent chooses any amount of words the students should take from the box. The students use the random words, which in my case contains both nouns and adjectives, to write any story they want! They then read their story out loud. I’ve heard the most hilarious stories playing this game and some tragic ones too :D Also the kids seem to love each other’s stories. They are seriously the most creative creatures ever!


you will need:

A pair of scissors, a marker, some thick construction paper (I accidentally used thin paper and the words could be seen on the outside of the paper.) and a jar or box to put the slips of paper in.

Step 1: Folding the Construction Paper

Of this easy tutorial the hardest part may be deciding how big you want the paper slips to be. You of course can make the slips any size you want, but I will share how I folded the papers just for an example.

1. Fold the length of the construction paper in half twice. (shown in first picture)

2. Fold the width of the construction paper once.

Step 2: Cut and Write

Once you have finished folding the construction paper, cut all the folds you made.

Now you are ready for the fun part! Consider the age group you are going to play this game with and write some words that they probably do not know. This is the educational part because the children will learn new words! On the rest of the cards, write words that have an inclination to be comical and that most of the kids you are playing with will understand. This is important otherwise inspiration for a great story will be hard to get.

You can write any kind of words such as nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.
hint: kids seem to like colors and body parts like toes and kidneys.

Step 3: Fold Again!

This time the folding does not have to be precise, it just has to cover the words inside!
I folded the slips twice so that it the paper wouldn’t unfold by itself. Here is where my mistake of using thin paper shows. The letters of the words can be seen on the back of the paper. But in the second picture you can see the slips I made before. They are thick enough so that the words are not shown on the back. Put all the slips of folded paper in your jar or box, mix it around and there! The game is ready to be played! Have fun!

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