Introduction: The Derby Hag (Hat/Bag)

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I dreamed up this hat for the Kentucky Derby this year. I wanted to create a hat that could be changed to match different outfits so you can wear it more often, as well as change to a bag to carry things if you need an extra hand packing all your winnings  from the big race. I had a lot of fun creating this, and love how it turned out. I now have a beautiful hat that can be molded to different shapes, has interchangeable hat bands for different colors and styles that are endless, and a bag if needed. Happy creating, and hope you enjoy. Its off to the races!!!! Good luck!!!! 

What You Need (This makes 1 hat/bag and 3 interchangeable hat bands)

A drawing of your hat and styles you imagine
1 Plastic circle or plastic lid that is at least the circumfrence of your head
2 yards white canvas fabric
2 yards black glossy fabric
Spool of white thread
Spool of black thread
2 1/2 yards white thick heavy duty ribbon
2 yards of black thick heavy duty ribbon 
1 sheet of hard white felt or flexible piece of white plastic (needs to be at least the length of your head circumfrence & 4 inches wide)
9 large feathers
3 large silk flowers
4 Inches of black velcro
1 yard of wire (firm enough to hold shape, but flexible enough to be molded- a wire hanger would work well)
Duck tape to tape the two ends of the wire together.
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
Sewing machine and sewing equipment

Step 1: Draw Your Ideas

I sat down with a pen and crayons and put my ideas on paper. This helps you start to think of new ideas as you go, and the ideas for hat bands for this hat are endless. You can create new hat bands with different colors or patterned ribbon. Use different types of flowers with ribbons, feathers or beads to go with it. You can go with a different inside color if black is not for you. I chose to use black and white because it goes with almost everything. I drew out different shapes because I made this hat to have a flexiable brim so you can shape it how you would like. Let your imagination take you for a ride, and draw out what you are shooting for!

Step 2: Making the Top

I used a circular lid, the more shape it has the better, because it really helps add character to an otherwise boring hat top. I placed the lid on top of the fabric and cut around it leaving a couple inches to allow for sewing. After your circles are cut out place the plastic in between the two circles, making sure that the fabric is rightside out. I then pinned the two pieces of fabric together, get the fabric as tight as it will go with the plastic lid between them. With white thread on top and black thread in the bobbin, sew the two fabrics together, getting the stich as close to the plastic as you possibly can.

Optional: After you have done this step then you will fold the black edge over the top of the white and using black thread on top and in bobbin you will sew the edge down. I only did the second stich to give it some added security, so you can choose to skip this.

Step 3: Adding to the Top

For this step you will be adding on to the very top of the hat. To do this you will measure the circumfrence of the top of the hat (from the last step), then cut out a rectangle in both white and black fabric that has the length of the circle circumfrence plus 2 inches and 6 inches in width. Then pin the two fabrics together right side in, down the long side. Then sew the two long sides together. Then after sewing take the rectangle and flip the fabric right side out through one of the open width ends. Then place the fabric rectangle on top the hard felt sheet and cut out a rectangle piece that can slip inside the fabric rectangle. After cutting it out you will slip it inside between the black and white fabric. Then pin the rectangle to the circle that is the top of the hat (As seen in picture) and sew the two pieces together, this process must be done slowly because it gets harder to do as you get closer to the very end of the rectangle. Then once the entire rectangle has been sewn to the edge of the circle you will fold and pin the end of the rectangle together with the two white sides facing together, so that no black will be showing on the outside of the hat and sew them together from the inside of the hat with black thread on top and white thread in the bobbin.

Step 4: Making the Brim

Lay your hat top on the white fabric and trace the circumfrence onto the white fabric. Then cut this out and cut 1/2 inch cuts around the edge of this circle (like in picture). Then cut out the size you would like your hat to be, with mine I measured 8 inches out from this circle and marked on the fabric and then cut out the large circle. Then you will cut out another circle that is an inch wider than your ribbon that will be placed on top the white fabric (like picture). Cut two holes that are on opposite sides, these will be where your ribbon will run out of. Pin this circle on top the white fabric and using white thread sew this circle on top. Cut your white ribbon in half, so you have two long ribbon pieces of equal length.You will later thread your ribbon through this circle so if you want you can place your ribbon inside this circle now, but if you do it that way make sure your ribbon isn't sewed down!!! There is a special way you have to thread your ribbon so that it can be used for your drawstring on the converted bag. To do this you will anchor (sew one end of the ribbon in place) and then thread it to the other side. I drew a picture of this so that you can better understand it. You will want to fold over the ends of the ribbon and sew it so that it won't fray, I used black thread to add character. After  your ribbon is in place and threaded through the circle then you will pin the brim to the top of the hat, and sew it into place. This has to be done slowly and carefully. You can sew it by hand if you prefer, my sewing machine has an area that comes off so that it is easier to do this. So do a test with your sewing machine and see how it feels.

Step 5: Adding Wire for Outer Brim

For this step I used wire that was rubber coated because that is what we had in the garage but you can use what you would like, I think a metal clothes hanger would work great for this, but it just needs to be able to hold shape but be flexible enough to mold. Place your wire around the very outside of your hat. Then fold over the white fabric and pin into place for sewing. Once you have done this all the way around take duck tape and tape the end of your wire together, and fold over the fabric to cover it completley. Then using white thread on top and black in the bobbin (I did this to add extra character around the brim) sew it into place.

Step 6: Add the Black Lining

Cut out a very large circle with the black fabric that will cover the inside of the hat and inside of the brim and extra to fold under and make ruffles. Then pin the inside of the upper hat into place, using your favorite way to hand sew, you will carefully tack this into place. Make sure when you do this that you don't sew all the way through to the outside because then you will have black thread on the outer white hat!!!! After tacking it into place you will cut two small holes in the black fabric where your white ribbon (drawstring) will go through. when you do this make sure it is right above where the holes in the white fabric are. Then around the outside of the brim you will ruffle and fold the black edge under the white edge and pin into place. Then using black thread on top and white in the bobbin you will sew it into place. So you should only have one black thread on the top of the brim from the last step and a white thread on the top of the brim from this step.

Step 7: Making Your Hat Bands

Place your ribbon around your hat and leaving a little extra to add the velcro cut the ribbon. Then add the velcro, "sticky" side velcro to one end and "smooth" side velcro to the other. Pin these in place and sew with the color of thread the ribbon is. I folded my ribbon under and then sewed them to prevent them from fraying. Then hot glue your feathers on the underside of the hat band, and the flower to the outside of the hat band.

Step 8: Converting It to Bag

Once your hat is complete, you have to try it out of course. To do this you will take the hat off, remove the hat band, and pull on the ribbons (it works like a drawstring). Then take the long ribbons and tie them where it is comfortable on your shoulder and a comfortable length. Now you have your very own Derby Hag!!! Isn't it fun!!!!

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