The El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45




Introduction: The El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45

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This is it!
My Auto-Loading Knex Gun!
The El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45
This is one of the best weapons to use in knex-combat, since it's light-weight, one-handed and has a good long handle.
It has a non jamming mag with an internal mag pusher, decent range, (30 ft) and a comfy handle.
Now, i'm just gonna tell some pros and no's:

- internal mag pusher.
- 12 shots.
- reliable.
- great fun.
- pretty powerful.
- pretty accurate.
- looks cool.

- if not built correctly, it will have a few errors.

You Likey?
Let's build then, shall we?

Step 1: Mag Pusher

The original mag pusher wasn't good so pic 2 shows the jam-free pusher.

Step 2: Trigger

this part is to hold the ramrod back, before it fires.

Step 3: Magazine

This part is to hold the bullets while they're waiting to get fired.

The original mag wasn't good either so pic 2 shows how you make this gun completely jam-free!

Step 4: Top Part

This part is for strength

Step 5: Top Parts (2)

This part is for strength too.
build 2 of these.

Step 6: Handle

This part is for strength and for a firm grip.

Step 7: Thingy (???)

Don't know where this is good for...........
i guess only for looks.

Step 8: Barrel

one of the longest building times on this gun, the barrel.
i guess you know what this is for.

Step 9: Ramrod

This part is to shoot out the bullets.
i recommend you use a invisible rod like shown since, they are stronger than greys and blacks.

Step 10: Assembly

If you have questions, ask them at the specific step.

Next Steps:

- (Re)Loading step - 11
- Rubberband Emplacements + Rubberband Mag Mod - step 12
- Mods - step 13

Step 11: (Re)Loading

Have problems?
Post a comment with the problem.

Max Capacity Mag: 12 shots.

Step 12: Rubberband Emplacements + Rubberband Mag Mod

Having Trouble?
Ask it in a comment.

Pic 4 is the rubberband mag mod.
it will never stop lifting the mag when you put the bands like that.

Step 13: Mods

I already showed them but here they are again for some clarification.

Step 14: You're Done!!!

Well you've built yourself a El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45.

Have freaking much fun with my knex gun!!!

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5 years ago

i cut my skin during the process of making it but your gun is the best ive made so far


7 years ago on Introduction

Skreetsha, someone on youtube made a video of this (video date Oct 25 2008) and yours is made by Oct 6, and this person claimed this pistol as his and its clearly not his because your date is older his date is younger and this persons youtube name is dirt661. (just letting you know)


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Now SkreetshaOfficial, i make music via LBP2. Lol


10 years ago on Introduction

for the ammunition, i like the idea of it being pushed up, but it's a pain on my fingers to just take it off and then put it back on, especially in the midst of battle.

what i'm suggesting is a little hole, just big enough to put a rod in.
this makes reloading faster, and saves my fingers from so much punishment.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Yeah that works too. I for one don't even have it anymore, but I would've maybe suggested that as a mod in this Ible.



11 years ago on Introduction

Nice gun, one problem, when you take this gun apart, it f**king kills your hand!!
Good gun 5*


11 years ago on Introduction

i love the gun!! I takes about 1 hour to make it and it's very fast!


11 years ago on Introduction

first gun i build, took me about 4 hours to build thanks to how "well organized" my knex pieces were, and i also didn't have the pieces in the right color (the yellow connectors are grey in mine for example)and i haven't shoot it cause i have no rubber bands and no money to buy them


11 years ago on Step 7

hey guys, i cant figure out how you put that wretched orange peice on that jacked white peice, THE AGONY, I GIVE UP ON KNEX, !@#$% YOU, Viccie.B1993, thanks for killing my dreams, you crazy @#$%&!