Introduction: The Electric Eel

This fun craft was inspired by noodle bots. I wanted to find another way to use pool noodles and the battery powered toothbrush to create a fun learning animal for my preschool students in Stem lab.


You will need:

Pool noodle, battery powered toothbrush from Dollar tree, piece of foil, two ditto sheets of a eel, tape, box cutter

Step 1: Color the Eel

Give your students two sheets of an eel to color, use brown and black to get eel effect.

Step 2: Two Eels

After coloring, cut them out.

Step 3: Body of Eel

Next put battery inside the toothbrush on the bottom. Cut your noodle the size of the toothbrush, i used a box cutter.

Step 4: Stick Toothbrush in Noodle

Push in toothbrush head first into noodle.

Step 5:

Should look like this.

Step 6: Foil

Cut a piece of foil enough to wrap your noodle

Step 7:

Roll tight shiny side up on noodle.

Step 8: Body of Eel

Body of Eel should look like this.

Step 9: Finished Product

On each side of the body you can put tape to attach the paper eel. Do the same on opposite side. Slide the switch will hum, put eel on table and it will move around. When I did this with prek they were amazed!

Hope you try this with your little students

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