Introduction: The Eradication Mk 2.0

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I was tempted to give this gun a different name but i figured the community would kill me!!

This is the eradication mk 1.0 but with some plastic you see what I did there?? Get it plastic......WHY ARE YOU GUYS THROWING ROCKS AT ME!!!?!!?!!!???! OUCH STOP I AM SORRY FOR THE PUN!!

In all seriousness the eradication mk 2.0 hereby known as the mk2 has brand new internals a compact stock and a faux barrel! I reworked the mag slightly to shoot primarily connector ammo instead of blue rods.

The stats are similar

9 round (connector) 15 round (rod) mag
45-50 ft range
Able to shoot finammo
Has a very good power system (the rod barely touched the round and a new round is loaded in the chamber with the pin still forward meaning less jams and more power)!
Darn good lookin if I do say so myself!!

That was my own (only slightly :) ) biased opinion on the gun but if you want to build this beast I promise instructions within the next few days (if my schedule allows)!

I would like someone to review this gun when I make instructions (leave a comment if you are willing to do so)!

As always keep knexing and keep on trucking!!!