Introduction: The Fairy Skirt

You will need:

-3 Yards of tulle

-1 Yard of any easy to sew fabric

-1 sewing machine

-1 spool of thread

-fabric scissors

-measuring tape

-1 cutting table

-1 model

-(optional) fairy lights or sequins and a hot glue gun

Step 1: Purpose

This serves as a sheer skirt that adds whimsy to any outfit, specifically for children in dress up games. With more tulle added it becomes more opaque making it a tutu worn without pants underneath. It functions as a costume skirt especially with added appendages such as fairy lights or rhinestones.

Step 2: Design

Step one: This is critical and the most fun for the mathematically inclined. I began by drawing a picture of what the skirt should look like from the front of the model. Then I drew a quarter of the circle skirt on the side. Next I measured my model (Shannon) from waist to calf which was 20 inches and around the waist which was 24 inches. By using my handy math skills I knew that I was cutting 3.82 inches off from the point of the triangle based on radius math (r=C/2pi).

Step 3: Laying the Fabric Out

This step is the most time consuming! Basically it is just measuring, cutting, and laying out the fabric on a table until there are enough layers to create a skirt. I measured 20 inch long triangles and cut the corners down so it would be a rounded bottom. Then I measured the 3.8 radius and cut that in a rounded shape as well (make sure to measure 3.8 inches around the entire top of the triangle). Unfortunately, I did not have enough tulle to create a tutu but it ended up working as a sheer skirt. The picture shows the layers at the end of this process.

Step 4: Pinning the Waist

Once the tulle is cut and laid out, pin the top of the skirt and it's layers together. If done correctly, the layers should be a perfect fit for the model. However, there is some wiggle room -literally- if it is too big or too snug for the model. Next, sew the skirt layers together. Then, pin a piece of fabric in which ever color you desire to the top of the sewn skirt.

Step 5: Sewing and Snipping

Sewing the fabric folded around the skirt should be an easy step. Make sure if you do not know how to properly use a sewing machine, there is someone nearby who can help. I might have messed up the bobbin a few times myself.... If mistakes happen or the sewing machine goes crazy, it is ok and there is a way to bounce back from it. Sewing is messy despite our best efforts for perfection. Once the sewing is finished, pin it to the model's waist and take some quality fabric scissors to balance out the lengths. This is great for beginners who may have measured incorrectly.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Have your model slip on the skirt and Voila! If you are like me and love a little dramatic flair, string some 5 foot long, battery pack fairy lights through the fabric and pin it or sew it in (found at Michael's). Also, we toyed with the idea of hot gluing sparkly rhinestones to the waist to accentuate the lights. Ultimately, the project did not have enough time to allow for such intricacies. Even if you choose to leave the it plain you now have a beautiful skirt that "made me feel like a princess" (Shannon). Happy Sewing!