Introduction: The Plastic Purse

What you will need:

-Two Rolls of whichever accent color you want (I found them at Walmart)

-One roll of regular silver duct tape

-a pair of durable scissors

That's it

Step 1: Purpose

The purpose of this purse is to make a waterproof, durable, and fashionable bag. This purse is also a very fun craft to make with your kids as it uses an every day object to make a very cute (if I don't say so myself) bag. The finished product should be foldable and flexible as it is made out of duct tape- not plastic. It is lots of fun to make and could easily be made into a sellable item!

Step 2: Getting Started

The first step is to take the silver duct tape, peel back a reasonably long piece (not too long as the longer it is, the harder it is to handle) and fold it in half keeping the sides placed as evenly as possible. This may take a few tries in how you hold it to get the best fold. Once you get a folded piece that is approximately 1 foot long, add a piece of tape attaching it to the previous piece. Keep doing this until you have a sheet of duct tape.

Step 3: Attach the Sheets

The next step is to add two sheets that are both 1 foot long. Do this twice. Now you have the base for the entire purse!

Step 4: Inside Pockets

I made two smaller sheets of duct tape leaves and taped them to the inside of the larger duct tape sheets. For the pink pocket, I folded the sides inwards cutting a square off of the corner at the bottoms so that the folded sides can touch on the inside. Then I peeled thinner strips from the pink tape and placed them on the silver sheet. Once done, tape the sides to the inside of the larger sheets and the inside of the bag is complete! Optional: I added a small pouch to the pink sheet by using the previous tactic and taping it to the outside of the sheet.

Step 5: Security Flap

I made the security flaps by using the same technique as the original sheets and cut them into long, wide strips and taping one end to the back of the large sheets. Cover the taped bit with more duct tape to make it look more uniform. To make them sticky with a Velcro like intensity fold a bit of duct tape in on itself so it is sticky all the way around. Place it centrally on the flap and secure it with two pieces of tape on either side of the double sided taped.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Make handles by measuring 1 foot long pieces of tape folded over hot dog ways. Cover the outside of all of the sides and the bottom with the accent color (or silver) and tape it all together. Add which ever accent pieces you would like. Voila!

Notice my teacher's pink hair, it matches the purse!