Introduction: The First Time to Draw Soft Board

Picking a thing that has just been done, it is necessary to make a light board, which is required to be bright, bendable, colorable, and remote (all materials bought from The first solution is to think of 3W RGB lamps. This high-power lamp heat dissipation is a problem. Only the aluminum substrate can be used. The board is divided into 6 pieces and connected by wires to achieve the bending effect. The JDY-10M Bluetooth module is used. Network connection (because there are two small lights to control), made it, the effect is OK, I want to change the color, I will not upload the picture. Later, the leadership reform plan wanted to use soft boards. The ordinary lights were dense and very bright. Only red and yellow colors could be chosen. Although the drawing board was not difficult, it took a lot of time to solder. It took me a day and a half to solder, soft. The temperature of the board only dares to be adjusted by 200 degrees. In the later stage, it is necessary to use a soldering iron to reinforce it. Below I will put a few pictures:

Step 1: First Time to Get the Soft Board

Step 2: This Is a Photo of the Front After Welding

Step 3: Done and the Light Turned On