The "GO" House - Micro Living With 54 Square Feet




Introduction: The "GO" House - Micro Living With 54 Square Feet

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The "GO" House is part of “Go Village”, a road map for an affordable camp ground layout, an Air B&B, an artist community or an idea to solve the infrastructure problem for the Earth's billions of human refugees and Have Nots. “Go” is a Chinese game of strategy and involves capturing real estate and lines of supply. The “Go” House was designed as a place to play a two person game of “GO”

Step 1: From This....

Rehab of "Shed Quarters", a garden shed and creation of this micro-home cost about $1500.00 US

Step 2: To This...

The roof was designed to be light weight which is why 1x4 inch pine was used in combination with luan screwed down with over 150 screws for a pleasant lightweight interior look covered with commercial housing plastic wrap, aluminum bubble insulation and an inexpensive tarp. Another heavy duty fabric tie down tarp (secured into heavy duty eye hooks) was employed in the design so the light weight luan roof remains secured to the structure during severe winds, somewhat like a sail on the high seas. Youtube video condenses eleven months of work into a two minute instructional music video.

Step 3: "GO" Village Concept

The interior 2x2 cedar structure was secured to a new 2x4 installed frame, braced and insulated with the same aluminum bubble wrap and covered with inexpensive particle board, left open to breathe and air out for a couple months before installing inexpensive 3/8” pine tongue and groove paneling to give the shelter a rustic cabin look. The structure was made higher by adding 4x4 around the top of the perimeter of the original shed which also served to handle the weight and design of the roof. The stained glass windows were installed from a recycled ceiling light and the upper windows left open with exterior insulated covers to add during the winter to keep out the cold and rain.

An upper bunk can be installed in the Go House or left open for hanging draw string bags of storage and/or a close line to hang dry clothes indoors. The wood structure has nice acoustics. The GO House is built on a concrete slab and has an insulated floor. There is just one electrical outlet and a small vent at the bottom of the wall opposite the door for air injection from a swamp cooler on hot days. It can be closed so the unit can be heated on cold days.

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    6 years ago on Step 3

    I'd suggest that perhaps a 4 way outlet be installed.

    1) Mini Fridge

    2) Fan

    3) Laptop/ Ipod speakers/ phone charger.

    4) etc


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the idea - there is already one dual outlet in there ---- I kept it simple...but to your point this unit's size makes it is easy to power with solar or conventional electricity -