Introduction: The Recycled Colorful Dress

 I really wanted to make a dress that involved recycled items and Came up with this idea. The best part about this dress is the design and all the materials are FREE! I also made this dress as a movie prop to an animation that i am doing for a class at school.

The materials i used to make the dress are:
-White material
-15 cereal boxes (all sizes)
-30 candy wrappers (different types)
-Needle and string (or sewing machine
-Clear tape

Step 1: First Step: Dress Pattern

 To start the dress you will need to have an out line dress to attach the cereal boxes and candy wrappers too.  The dress pattern needs to be simple and plain,  because when the dress is finished you shouldn't  be able to see the white material under neither.
Read and follow the directions on the pattern bag. 

The simple steps to making the white under dress are:
1st. Cut the patterns out of the paper
2nd. Cut the strips of the dress to the length you would like it to be.
3rd. Pin the strips of the dress pattern to the white material
4th. Cut out the dress patterns with the white material under neither.

Step 2: Step Two: Putting the Under Dress Together

 At this step the white material should be cut out and ready to be put together to make the under dress. For this step you first take the dress pattern pieces off, they are no longer needed. Now you can use a sewing machine or needle and string.  It would be faster and cleaner lines if you choose to use a sewing machine.

 (On the piece of the pattern it shows what piece belong together. Then just sew along the lines to make the under dress.)

Step 3: Step Three: Finding the Recycled Items

 The meaning of this dress is not to spend money on things to make the dress but to reuse items that you have already.
For the cereal boxes, -Cut the covers off (The front of the cereal box) Then cut the covers into strips.
For the wrappers they can be any type of wrappers for example: Candy wrappers, chocolate wrappers, or star-burst. I picked candy wrappers because I had more and they have more colour to them. 

Step 4: Step Four: Sewing the Wrappers On

After the under dress is put together the next step is to sew the candy wrappers on.  To sew the wrappers on you will first need to pin 5 to 9 wrappers at a time. This makes it easier to sew and not poke your self with the pins. The wrappers are different sizes and shapes which gives the dress a neat but crazy look. When sewing the wrappers down all you sew is around the edges of it, but not to close because when wearing the dress the wrappers will be easier to rip.

Step 5: Step Five: Sewing the Cereal Boxes On

After the candy wrappers have been sewed down its time to sew the strips of cereal boxes on the under dress.  Now for this step it gets a bit tricky. If using a needle and string you will have to push a little harder this time. But if using a sewing machine its still a bit tricky. When sewing the cereal box pieces down you can't pin the pieces down you must hold the cereal box piece where you want it, then sew the top of the piece to the under dress. Make sure you ONLY sew the top piece down, this allows the cereal boxes to move a little more. 

For the length I have my under dress I needed to make two rows going around the dress of cereal boxes to cover the under dress. Also on my dress I had different brands of cereal boxes and decided the dress would look better if they weren't the same cereal boxes. Now the dress has different colours and characters all over the bottom. 

Step 6: Last Step: Last Looks

Now with all the candy wrappers and pieces of cereal boxes sewn to the under dress its time to add last minute touch ups. (last looks)
One of the touch ups I had was taping the candy wrappers down with clear tape. This makes sure none of the wrappers rip off or stick out. Also I fixed a broken belt and added to the dress to make it more cute.

I hope you like the dress. It took me some time to finally finish the dress, and I'm very proud on how it turned out!