Introduction: The Golden Clutch

Every girl loves a fancy Gold Clutch- but a NO-SEW clutch is even better! What a great gift for a friend or maybe even yourself! ;)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You'll need:

  • Gold Fabric
  • Fabric Glue
  • Velcro Dots
  • scissors

Step 2: Cut Rectangle and Add Glue

To start you'll need to decide the size of your clutch. I cut a rectangle out of my material, then folded it hamburger style to see how it would look. The end result will be about 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall. Your clutch can vary. When you decide the size, add glue to the top edge of the wrong side and fold the material over. Do this top both top edges and let dry.

Step 3: Add Glue to Sides

Once the top edges are dried and folded over, you want to add glue to the side edges. This may take a bit longer since you will be gluing the shiny part of the fabric to each other. Add a straight line of glue down one side, then the other and press shut. If you can, place a heavy book on top and let dry overnight.

Step 4: Turn Inside Out

Once it's dry it should look like this. Now you can turn it inside out slowly.

Step 5: Check Edges

Now is when you can check the edges to see how well the glue worked. Also, decide how many times you want the clutch to fold down.

Step 6: Add Velcro Dots

I decided mine would fold over two times. Grab your dots and with both velcro dots stuck together, place the on the corners of the top edges of clutch. Be careful since the dots are very sticky and you have both velcro dots stuck together. Fold the clutch over and fold the edge down one so that it looks like picture.

Step 7: Roll Edge Down

Now you can slowly roll the edge of the clutch down so that the other part of the velcro dots stick to the fabric. When you open the clutch back up, each dot should stay in place. You will have two dots on the lower half of the clutch, and when you flip the clutch around, you'll have two dots on the top edges.

Step 8: Fill and Enjoy

All that's left is to add your wallet and phone and enjoy it!

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