Introduction: The Grave

This project is basically is a halloween project which can be used to scare the kids.It is basically when you open the grave there is a scary face popping out of it which is meant to scare the kids away.

Step 1: Collecting the Materials

For circuit

Cardboard box(from Amazon)


Aluminium foil





Tape / Glue



Plastic mask

Step 2: Safety Precautions

Do use help while cutting the box as the project is large in size

do not do any electrical work with wet hands

Do not use a high voltage battery or current directly from the circuit

use hot glue gun carefully as there are chances of getting burnt

do not touch positive and negative wires when connected to power source

Step 3: Building the Tombstone (RIP!)

First for making the tombstone with RIP written on it is one of the most important things of the grave... so for making that

- take a empt box (this box should be smaller compared to the box you are going to use for the grave)

- Cut the box in a tombstone shape using a box cutter. A "D" like structure. (TIP: draw it first with a pencil and then use the box cutter to cut it)

- Check if your tombstone looks like the one in picture at this stage.

Step 4: Painting & Ripping RIP

Now we will be using the tombstone structure and making it look more like it by decorating it a bit.

- Take grey pain and some paint brushes. Paint the front part of the tombstone.

- Let it dry

*For Perfectionists- Put a second layer of paint and let it dry*

- After it has dried...use a pencil and write RIP

- Using a screwdriver or box cutter rip the RIP on the tombstone

Check up: It should look something like in the picture above.

Step 5: Preparing the Box

Take a big box...probably a cardboard packaging of a television.

*Size tip: a 10 year old kid should be able to fir inside the box.

Cut it from the centre so it looks like a two way door which opens on the outside. inside this the dead body for made from mask will be put.

Step 6: Sticking the Tombstone to the Grave

Take the Tombstone which you painted and using glue and duct tape stick on one side of the box. Use some glue also for making it more stable.

it should look something like the picture above

Step 7: Behind the Scenes (attaching Power Supply)

Now as they both are stuck together take a 9v battery and attach the wires to positive side and negative side. make sure they are long enough.

positive - red

negative - black

Stick the battery behind the tombstone so its not seen.

Step 8: Attaching a Motor

As seen in the the big carton(grave) And using some duct tape , stick the motor on the right middle of the box. Now connect the red wire (positive) from the battery to the motor. Don't touch the negative side for now.

Step 9: Making the Scary Face!

Take a 30 cm strip of wood or a wooden scale and stick the mask on one side of the wooden strip or scale. the other side has to be attached to the motor in the box. For that use hot glue gun or using a thick copper wire tie it to the motor so when motor is on the wooden strip rotates and comes upwards.

This is basically when the box is opened the circuit is complete the motor rotates and because the wooden stick rotates with the mask it will look like the face is popping out. As this will happen in a fraction of seconds it should probably scare the kids.

Step 10: Completing the Circuit (1.1)

Now you are almost there. Take a bunch of conductive copper wire (without rubber Cover) and make it a cluster. Take the black wire from battery and connect it to the cluster of wire. Stick it on the right side of the tombstone and make sure that when box opens it touches the cluster of wire. Adjust it as per that.

Step 11: Complete the Circuit (2.2)

Use conductive tape and stick it on the corner of the box where the box opening is touching the cluster of wires. So the circuit can be completed. After sticking the tape and adjusting it as per the negativity connected cluster of wires, take another black wire and connect it from the conductive to the motor.

The over all cycle.
Positive side already connected
Open the box > the conductive tape touches the cluster of wire > circuit completes > the motor rotates in clockwise direction > so it pops towards the face of the person who is opening the box

See the video for clarity

Step 12: Make It LIT (optional)

Take led strips and attach it inside the box to make it beautiful and give it a holloweem effect. For that take a battery connective positive and negative sides using the wire. Black is negative , red is positive. Using hot glue gun attach the led strips on the inside lining of box and hide it with cotton for enhanced effect. Now connect the wires from the battery to the led. It should be lit and your box should look more lit now.

Step 13: Paint It (optional)

Using dark brown paint...paint the whole box to make it more presentable

Pro tip: to get work done faster use spray paint.

Step 14: Taddaaaa Your Project Is Ready to Use

Make sure you follow all steps and mainly focus on completing the circuit steps as they are one of the post challenging. If you successfully complete the circuit and your motor is moving in right direction...(outside the box) you can scare the kids holloween.

Kudos to you if your project is working!

(Please read the safety precautions for avoiding any accidents)