Introduction: The Scare Machine

This is DIY project which is basically can be used in a horror house or used in hollowed for kids to use it.

What Happens?

When an individual will see through the machine there will be a scary sound playing in the background and a scary face pulling up using a motor and LED embedded.

Step 1: Collecting the Materials

1) Cardboard Box

2) Alligator Clips (Red & Green)

3) Wires (Red & Green)

4) 12V Battery

5) Motor

6) Makey Makey

7) Aluminium Tape (Conductive Tape)

8) Cutting mat

9) Paints (Optional)

10) Tape

11) Wire Stripper

12) Cutter

13) Fishing Wire

Step 2: Preparing the Box

Take the cardboard box and place it vertically. Which means having the opening and closing facing you and not up/down. You can see the position of the box in the picture above to.

Step 3: Fitting the Motor

On top center of the box using a skewer and fit a fishing wire through it and roll it up on the motor, so that when the motor works the fishing wire is pulled up/ down. This will be where the LED embedded scary face will be pulled. After this step the box should look as in the picture

Step 4: Update/ Check Your

See the diagram above and at this stage your project should look something like in the diagram above