Introduction: The Hexagon Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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Materials rainbow loom supplies

Step 1: Boarder

Your gonna start from the bottom where the arrow is facing away from you and place one from the end one to the left and keep going strait and end one away from the end and do the same On The other side

Step 2: Hexagon

Now start from the middle peg on the bottom and put it strait and then put one on the 2 peg in the middle to the left and same for right and then put two strait an to to the middle and the put one from the 4 peg strait and do the same hexagon pattern all the way through when your done with that put a rubber band on the top I. The shape of a triangle

Step 3: Hexagon Stitching

Turn the loom around so the arrow is now facing you then grab the orange band and put it to the right and then take the other orange an put it to the left and put the other 2 strait an put the last to in the middle like a hexagon do this pattern until the end

Step 4: Base

While still having the arrow facing you take the top pink one and put it left all your doing here is taking the very bottom one and putting it forward same for the other side

Step 5: Extension

Once you put the hook the all the rubber bands on top you can to the extension normally don't forget to add a c-clip ;) - aqua 12