Introduction: The K'nex Paper Presser

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Hello (again). l've come back from my holiday. l also just got bored and made this absolutely utterly positively randomly. Really. My plan was actually making a hand crank car. And then absolutely utterly positively randomly (once again) put a piece of paper in and turned the crank around and voila! (a bit of French) it had marks on. Quite neat really. But well Idid the impossible ( - im = possible) and did it. Oh and this is my 1st cranked mosel thingy. Hope you like it!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Parts List...

These R wat U will need
dark gray: 0 (l only have dark grays because I wasn't bothered to look for metalic blue clips)
orange: 5
light gray: 2
yellow: 2
white: 2
red gears: 8
tan clips: 8
meatllic blue clips: 3
silver spacers: 2

Step 2: Moving On

Ok, now u know wat u need. Follow the image notes.

Step 3: And Now...

Step 4: Make the Rest

Step 5: Finishing Off...

Right then, u've finished! have fun!