Introduction: The Legend of the Red Nose

This Christmas sweater design is perfect for young children. The whole project should take less than 15 minutes and can be personalises however you wish.


you will need:

  • brown paper
  • black felt tip pen
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • safety pin
  • white card

Step 1: Hand Antlers!

For this step you will require the pen and the brown paper.

Place your hand on the paper and trace around with the pen. This is a very fun step especially with young children. Now carefully cut out the hand prints with scissors, these will be Rudolph's antlers.

Step 2: The Head and Eyes

The head will be a large pear shape. Whilst the size and proportions are up to you, I suggest that you bear in mind how large you want the reindeer to be.

The eyes can either be cut out of paper or if you prefer you could use plastic googly eyes.

Step 3: The Ultimate Cut and Stick

This is the fun part!

Its time to arrange all the different parts together on a large piece of card.

once you are happy with the way your Rudolph looks you can glue it down and cut around the outside. The card gives the face extra strength and will hopefully extend its life.

For the nose I used sparkly wrapping paper but you can use whatever you want. A red pom pom always looks good!

Step 4: The Finale!!!

All that's left to do is tape a safety pin to the back and pin it on your sweater!!

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