Introduction: The Lion King Face Paint

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It's the circle of life! Be moved by three awesome face paints inspired by three iconic characters from the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King.

Note: I was inspired to do these face paints after looking at an Instructable for a Rafiki costume as creator by Instructables member laurakenora. Also, the Scar and Simba face paints were created by popular face paint Ashela Henson. See the credits below!





Step 1: Scar

First, "be prepared" to transform into Mufasa's iconic brother who tries to take over Pride Rock with a vengeance.

  1. I began with a light sketch of Scar's face with light brown paint (Mehron Paradise)
  2. Next, I used a mix of orange and yellow paint (both from Mehron Paradise) to fill in all except for the muzzle.
  3. The muzzle is then filled with white (Mehron Paradise)
  4. The eyes are next, so first, I began using Dark Brown
  5. Then, I used black to outline the eye sockets, then used red to make the iconic scar on the left side of the face.
  6. Then, I used more black to fill in part of the nose, then outlined the upper lip, the corners of the mouth, and added a line to the upper lip.
  7. Using even more black, I filled in the outer part of the face, then added hairlines around the cheekbones and chin.
  8. Then, I let my hair down to look like a lion's mane. As an optional step, you can use temporary black hairspray (which I actually don't have now).
  9. Now, get ready to take over the kingdom!

Step 2: Simba

Think you "just can't wait to be king"? Well, look no further than this cute Simba design!

  1. I started by sketching out my idea with light brown paint (Mehron Paradise).
  2. Next, I used yellow paint (Mehron Paradise) to fill the shape in
  3. Using white (Mehron Paradise), I filled in the muzzle and the under parts of the eyes.
  4. Then, I used orange (Mehron Paradise) to fill in under the eyebrows.
  5. I used dark pink (Mehron Paradise) for the nose, and dark brown (Mehron Paradise) for the insides of the ears.

6-8 Then I outlined the entire design with black, along with some whiskers on either size of the muzzle.

9. Now that it is complete, go out and show what it takes to be leader of Pride Rock!

Step 3: Rafiki

The last design came from the credit that you just saw in the beginning. This is simple to paint and you'll be just like Rafiki faster than you can say "it is time!"

  1. I started with dark blue shadow around the eyes, going out to the temples. I used Urban Decay Electric shadow in Chaos.
  2. Then, I used grey paint (Storm Cloud by Mehron Paradise) to fill in the forehead and chin.
  3. I used light blue (Mehron Paradise) to fill in the cheek bones.
  4. Then I colored the nose with red (Beach Berry by Mehron Paradise), and added black (Mehron Paradise) lines across the cheeks, adding the third curved line for accentuation.
  5. I also used more black to fill under the grey, but over the eyebrows. I also darkened the eyes with Dark Blue (Mehron Paradise) for dimension.
  6. Then, I filled in the rest of the face with more grey paint.
  7. I also decided to let my hair down, kind of like messed up a little bit for added personality.

8-9. Now, you're ready to raise Simba high and welcome him into the world of Pride Rock!

Step 4: Hakuna Matata!

Here's the complete art gallery of all the Lion King characters!

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