Introduction: The Makey Makey Easy Alarm

We made a makey makey alarm and called it the easy alarm. It is used to be able to stop or snooze your online alarm that you can place anywhere for easy access. Simply press the button and it will turn off the alarm if the mouse is hovering on the button of the alarm program you are using.

For those of you who do not know what a makey makey is or do not remember I will tell you. A makey makey is a computer board that takes everyday objects and turns them into inputs.

Step 1: Materials

· Makey Makey Kit

· Computer (to plug the makey makey into) Some mobile devises may be supported.

· Cardboard (you don’t need very much)

· Aluminum Foil

· Duct Tape

· Paper Clips


· Exacto Knife

· Scissors

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

Cut out a piece of cardboard with your exacto knife that is big enough for the makey makey to fit in snugly with the correct wires attached. Then glue or duct tape the cardboard together.

Step 3: Wrap Cardboard in Duct Tape

Simply wrap the outside of the cardboard in any duct tape of your choosing.

Step 4: Cut Slits for Aluminum Buttons and Wires

Use an Exacto knife or scissors (Exacto blade recommended) to cut out two long slits on the top of the box. The rectangles should be just wide enough for slips of aluminium foil to go through on the top of the box and fold onto the inside. Now insert the aluminum foil. Next, cut two small holes just above the slits that you just made. These holes will be just large enough for an alligator clip to fit through snugly. Finally, cut out a small hole on the back. This is for the wire that plugs into the makey makey on one side and the computer on the other.

Step 5: Wiring the Alarm Clock

After you cut out the holes where you want the wires to go, you will insert the wires. Your ground wire will connect to the aluminium foil you inserted previously. Next you want to connect one wire to space, and one wire to click. Then put the top of the alligator clips through the holes you cut above the aluminum foil. The usb that plugs into the computer and the Makey Makey goes through the hole on the back of your box.

Step 6: Make the Aluminum Foil Buttons.

Get a fairly large square of aluminum foil and fold it several times over to make a reinforced square of tinfoil that will fit over the aluminum foil that you already put down. Clip the alligator clip to the tinfoil button you just made. It should not be touching the aluminum foil below it. If it is then you need to readjust the alligator clip. Also, it may be helpful to reinforce your buttons with a paperclip on the bottom. When you press the button down it should come back up off the aluminum foil so it is not constantly pressing the button that is connected to home.

Step 7: Put Duct Tape on the Bottom

This is so you will be able to place your easy alarm anywhere. Just wrap a piece of duct tape around so it is double sided the place it on the bottom of your product. Then stick it to anything that duct tape will stick to! Ex. Above you bed on the wall, on your bed post, bed stand, etc.

Step 8: Finding an Alarm to Use

Just search online alarm clock on your computer and find an alarm that you can snooze or stop by pressing click or space (that's what the aluminum foil buttons are for) Two alarm programs we used were KuKuKlok and OnlineAlarmClock.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Easy Alarm

You are done! Plug the usb into your computer and you are set! You have one button for click and one for space. Make sure to test your easy alarm before you go to sleep. Make small adjustments as necessary.