Introduction: HOW TO SOLVE SANBORN'S KRYPTOS: Part 4 - the Meaning of K4

Part 4 of a series explaining how to uncover the messages hidden in various parts of Kryptos.

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Step 1: Sanborn's Omission in Panel 1

From Part 1 of this series: Sanborn's 'mistakes' are clues.

Step 2: Irrelevant Arguments

Doesn't really explain why he left out the 'X'.

Step 3: The Red Herring

Meant to mislead us.

Step 4: Compare Panel 1 With Panel 2

Start looking to see what Sanborn is up to.

Wildcards are a clue to solving another part of the puzzle where 'PALIMPSEST' along with 'ABSCISSA' are also clues.

Step 5: Trying to Hide the Obvious

This regular pattern would stick out like a sore thumb if not for the destractor.

Step 6: Starting to Visualize K4

Sanborn is really into visual clues.

Step 7: K4 by Itself

Use your imagination here.

Step 8: The Key in Plain View

K4 cannot be solved. It is the key to a solution.

K2 also makes reference to the location of this key.

Step 9: Finding the Doorway

The next two parts are really going to be convoluted and complicated.

Step 10:

Part 1 on the final solution can be found in Part 10 of this series.

Step 11:

The Final Piece of the Puzzle - Part I