Introduction: The Mood Wine

Hello, I'm a student at Howest Kortrijk education Industrial productdesign.

In this turtorial, I will show you how do make a mood lamp from a wine crate in a simple way.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

A wine crate
A flexible transparant tube
Led strips (12V) inclusive  trasformer 230V/12V and controler					
Red and black wire
Strip tang
A soldering iron
A lat

Step 2: Draw the Folding and Cutting Lines

Draw a rectangle 160 * 21 starting at the side (all 8 sides)

the full lines are folding lines

the stripped lines are cutting lines

Fold the 2 flaps over and make e square

(hint: make a smal incision inside the box to make the folding easier)

Step 3: Transparant Tube

Cut the tube in 4 pièces of 24 cm

(hint: you can use a normal stanley knife)

Step 4: Solder Led Strips

1 Cut the strips on a lengt of -+24 cm (You can see where you should cut the line with a scissors) 
2 Cut out the silicone CAREFULLY
3 Tin your path.
4 Unwrap the electrical treat 
5 tin your elektrical treat
6. Solder the electrical treat on the paths

(Hint: Solder the ledstrips in parallel (they keep working also when one led is down)

Make sure that your led Strip definitely works, is'n that so check your solder contacts.

Step 5: Assembly

Slide the transparant tube inside the square

Past the ledstrips into the tube

Connect the led strip to the transformer

Close the top of the box with glue or transparant tape