Introduction: The Mosaic Ring

I like mixing techniques so here is a tutorial that mixes jewelry and mosaic. I like this one because it makes original jewels and you can be very creative with the patterns, and at the same time it doesn't require a lot of tools, so perfect for beginners !


  • 1 adjustable ring blank
  • 1 round Bezel
  • Very small pearls of the color of your choice (I chose green and silver)
    The beads should not be bigger than the Bezel side
  • Some grout of the color of your choice (I chose black)
  • Jewellery pliers and tweezers
  • Some metal wire
  • Sand paper (grit 200 and 3000)
  • Putty or super glue
  • Removable tape
  • Paper of the color of your grout

Step 1: Prepare the Ring and Bezel

I couldn't find the perfect round bezel, so I bought a pendant bezel and had to remove the little ring on top of it : just bend it with pliers until it breaks.

Use the rough sand paper to flatten where the ring had been removed. Use it also on the inside and back of the bezel and the top of the ring : you will have a better grip if the surfaces you glue are rough.

Then use the 3000grit sand paper on all the other faces of the ring to give a nice frosted appearance (it gives it a vintage look)

When happy with the look of your pieces, use the putty or the super glue to fix the ring blank and the bezel together. Wait for it to dry (follow the instructions of the glue you are using) and remove any extra with the sand paper if needed.

Step 2: Choose Your Pattern

On a paper of the color of your grout, draw the bezel and place the pearls the way you would like them to be. The colored paper helps you realize how the colors will look when finished.

For round pearls like the silver one I did put in the middle, use a little bit of wire to get it tight and sand one side of the pearl so it will be able to sit flat in your pattern. I also used the 3000 grit sand paper on the entire surface of the silver bead, to give it the same frosted appearance.

Step 3: Transfer Your Pattern

Use some removable tape to catch your pattern as is. Prepare the bezel : cover the inside with super glue or putty, and quickly lay your pattern on it. Press hard for few minutes.

When dried, remove the tape.

Step 4: The Grout

Prepare the grout : it should look like a thick paste.

As your ring will take few hours to dry, find a way to hold it flat. Lay a thick layer of grout, that should cover completely the pearls. Wait for a couple of hours, before the grout is completely dried, and with a wet tissue, remove carefully remove the grout that was hiding the pearls, to reveal your pattern.

Leave it to dry 24 hours, and you can wear your ring !

Step 5: The End

Thank you for reading my tutorial

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