Introduction: The Nintendo Switch Blue Joy Con

This Nintendo switch joy con actually has a joystick guaranteed to spin.This took us about 5 days.Please consider voting for the Joy Con.


Folk art 2934e licorice

Folk art 2921e Aqua


Hot Glue Gun


Pocket Knife

A Blue Sharpie

4 Pennies

1 gold dollar





Step 1: Designing

First draw the design of the blue joy con and outline it with blue sharpie.

Step 2: Cardboard Drawing

Second Cut it out and then trace it on the cardboard with blue sharpie.

Step 3: Coin Cutting

Third cut it out with a pocket knife.

Step 4: Sanding CardBoard

Fourth sand the two pieces with sandpaper.

Step 5: Long Piece of Cardboard

Fifth cut a 10in by 1in piece of cardboard.

Step 6: Ripped Cardboard

Sixth peel one of the pieces off of the cardboard. Then bend it. When tearing off the outer layer it helps it bend more easily.

Step 7: Long Cardboard

Seventh cut a piece of cardboard 19 cm by 1 in.

Step 8: They Look the Same

Eighth put a 1x2 Lego on the top. A gold coin for the joy stick,4 pennies for the arrows and 1 2x2 Lego for the picture button on the bottom.

Step 9: Top of Joy Con

Ninth trace all the coins on the piece of cardboard and cut them out with a carving knife.

Step 10: Buttons

Tenth cut the holes in the blue joy con. Then paint all the buttons.

Step 11: Drying Black Button

Eleventh cut a 8 cm by 1cm piece of cardboard. Then paint it black.

Step 12: Black Cardboard

Twelfth cut a 17 cm by 2 cm piece of cardboard. Then paint it black.

Step 13: Blue Buttons

Thirteenth cut a piece of cardboard that is 2 cm by ½ cm. Then paint it blue.

Step 14: Painting Joy Con

Fourteenth wait for everything to dry.

Step 15: Cardboard

Fifteenth measure another a piece that is 5cm by 3cm and the bottom length 1 cm.

Step 16: Ripped Off Cardboard

Sixteenth tear off the back and bend it.Paint it black.

Step 17: Slanted Cardboard

Seventeenth make a piece of cardboard 4 ¼ in by 2 ½ in and the slant

Step 18: Squared Cardboard

Eighteenth make a piece of cardboard 5 ½ in by 4 in.

Step 19: Back Button of Joycon

Nineteenth paint the (5cm by 3 cm and bottom length 1 cm) black. (Paint the 5 ½ in by 4 in) blue. Paint the (4 ¼ in by 3 ½ in and aslant of ¾ in). Make a piece of cardboard 1 ¾ in by 1 in and paint it blue. Then make a piece of cardboard that is 1 ¼ in by ¾ in. Then paint it blue. After you paint them hot glue all them together.

Step 20: Triangle Cardboard

Twentieth make a piece of cardboard that is 1 ½ in by ½ in and the top 1 in.

Step 21: Rectangle Cardboard

Twenty-first make a piece that is 2in by ½ in and 1 ½ on top.

Step 22: Tiny Piece

Twenty-second make a piece of cardboard that is 1 in by ½ in.

Step 23: Back Button

Twenty- third paint them (1 ½ in by ½ in and the top 1 in), (2in by ½ in and 1 ½ on top) and (the cardboard that is 1 in by ½ in) all blue.

Step 24: Joy Stick

Twenty-fourth print this joy stick “”.Use tweezers to take out the bottom of it.Make sure to watch her video explaining how to take them out.

Step 25: Joystick in Joy Con

Twenty-fifth poke out the hole (Golden dollar) for the joy stick. Put the joy stick through the hole.

Step 26: Hot Glued

Twenty-sixth glue on the side of the Joy Con.

Step 27: Black and Blue Buttons

Twenty-seventh get the long black piece and put the 2 small blue pieces on their with a hot glue gun.

Step 28: Upper Button

Twenty-eighth put the long black piece on the Joy Cons side. Hot glue the back on to the Joy Con.

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