Introduction: The Office!!!!!

In this project I made a replica of mikes office from the office TV show for my Funko POP of Michael Scott

for this project its simple all you'll need is

a pile of useless card bored to cut up and paint

Paint to make your office the color of Michael's

and scissors

Step 1: Non Painted Cardboard Outline of the Office

You want to get a big piece you can use to make the back wall and the to side walls.

Then you make all the rest of the pieces by cutting them out and shaping them to the size and structure of all his props around the office

and if you are using a POP to display it you can put it in the rough structure to size everything up so its accurate.

Step 2: Finished Product

Now you are ready to paint.

First if you put the pop in to scale it id take it out to make sure you don't get paint on it.

then mix the paint to the colors you want!

now use the paint to get all of the little details you possibly can. I painted the window for added affect and painted the coat hanger on the side.

now you can paint the plant in the back but i went outside and picked real plants to make the plant look as real as possible.