Introduction: The PCB Speaker....!

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I had a lot of useless PCBs on my workbench, most of them SMTs, and it was then i got the awesome idea of reusing them. I decided to make a little speaker using the old PCBs. And that is what i am gonna share here.

Step 1: Collect PCBs

It was my long time collection of PCBs. For making the speaker box/enclosure, It is better to choose surface mount pcbs (SMT) because they are nice to deal with.

Step 2: Cut Them in Dimension

Cutting the PCB into small pieces of required dimension is an important work. I did cut them in dimension in accordance with my tiny speaker (2 inch). The tools i have used are Knives and file.

  • We have to make 6 pieces out of the PCBs.
  • The front, back, top, bottom, and two sides.
  • The front piece is made with a hole on it to fix the speaker.
  • The top piece is not a PCB, but a piece of copper clad board which is to make/etch the circuit of the speaker on it.

Step 3: Set Up the Speaker.....!

On the front piece, Fix the speaker using some quick glue.

Step 4: Make the Box.

Now we have the pieces that we prepared. To make the box, First connect them using some soldered joints as shown in the images then apply the quick glue for support.

Connect all of them together and apply the glue carefully.

Step 5: The Circuit

The circuit based on a simple class d amplifies ic that runs on small power, the 8002 ic.

The complete description of the circuit is there in my previous instructables.

Step 6: Make the Amplifier Circuit...

  • Cut the copper clad board in dimension.
  • Prepare a layout diagram for the circuit digram,
  • Draw the diagram on the board and carry out the etching.
  • Use some green color marker pens to make the board best looking.
  • Solder the components that includes 8002 ic, smd resistor and capacitor, AUX input, on off switch and charging female port(micro USB).

Step 7: Put Them All Together

  • Get a 3.7 V Li-ion battery and place it inside the box.
  • Solder the speaker wire and the battery wire to the amplifier circuit from inside through hole.
  • Close the top piece an dfix it well using glue.

Step 8: Done :)

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