Introduction: How to Weave a Basket Out of Tape!

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Hello there. Welcome to my Instructable!

When I saw that there was going to be a glue and tape contest I tried to think of a good project. I thought of things from tape jewelry to hot glue stencils. However, each of these projects had something in common.

They were already made up by a ton of different people!

I wanted to do something original so I racked my brain for ideas. I finally decided to make a basket out of packing tape. This brings me back to 8th grade when I took a class on Gourd Art and made a basket. So I took the things I learned from that class and applied them to this instructable.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The only thing you need for this project is (drumroll please)... Packing Tape! (If you want to add some color to your basket you may also want a sharpie)

Step 2: Turn the Tape Into Weaving Material

This is the most important step of this Instructable. First, take a long piece of packing tape. Then starting at one end fold a little bit down. Continue this fold down the whole length of the tape piece. Now fold that fold down, and keep going until there is no more stickiness. Repeat this until you have a good stack of tape sticks (ropes?). You'll want at least 8.

Step 3: Repeat Many Times

Repeat this until you have a good stack of tape sticks (ropes?). You'll want at least 8.

Step 4: Form the Spokes

Take four lengths of your weaving material and arrange them in this shape (see above). Secure the shape with tape.

Step 5: Color Some Material (optional)

If you want some color, take some of your weaving material and color it with a sharpie. Doing this makes it easier to see if you are weaving correctly.

Step 6: Secure Weaving Strands

Take two pieces of material and secure it to a spoke using more tape (of course).

Step 7: Weave!

For the weave you want to follow this pattern around the spokes:

1. Blue over the spoke, White under the spoke

2. White over the spoke, Blue under the spoke

If you make a mistake then simply undo the last few weaves around the spokes and try again. If you start to run out of weaving material, tape another piece on. Weave until you are satisfied.

Step 8: The Rim

Once you have woven your basket to the desired size you will want to start on the rim. To make the rim, wrap the spokes one at a time around the remaining weaving material. Trim off any excess spoke.

Step 9: Finished!

There! Now you're basket is finished. Feel free to fill it with whatever you want. Thank you so much for reading this Instructable. If you like this project please give it a vote in the glue and tape contest! ;)

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