Introduction: The Pirate Ship Hat.

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This project of making a pirate hat will knock your socks off.'THE PIRATE SHIP HAT'is a fantasy and also an old fashoned hat . As pirates steal the ship's cargo to become rich in the same way you also go,steal and collect the required things in order to make the hat and fulfill your curiosity of being a pirate.So let's proceeeeeed👉



2:-A4 sheet:- 4pcs

3:-black cloth :-8cm*5cm


5:-Pen knife or scissor

6:-Match stick

7:-water colour


The pirate hat is made up of cardboard so draw the design on the cardboard as shown in figure and then cut cardboard.Draw two pieces so as to join them together to form the shape of a boat. cut few square shape on one side of the cardboard

Step 2: Join the Two Pieces

Join the two pieces of cardboard from the tip by using a piece of paper.pour the glue on paper and paste paper so as to join it. you can also hot glue.join both front and back sides

Step 3: Making the Top Platform

draw the design on a piece of cardboard as shown and then cut it.fold the cardboard from the front and back side so that it covers the top part of the ship and then paste the top part with a glue leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes

Step 4: Making the Stick and Windsails

To make the sticks take half A4 size sheet and roll it so that it becomes pipe like structure take round sharp object and make hole on the cardboard and pste the sticks.for making the wind sails draw the sails as shown and the cut it the sails should be of different sizes one small and other 3cm bigger then the first add matchstick on the two sides so to keep it stable

Step 5: Coloring the Boat and Pasting the Sails and Stick

colour the boat with Dark brown colour and sticks with black colour and then make sailors wheel with two round cardboard of 3 cm diameter attach the small match sticks in between the cardboard and paste the wheel on the front side of the ship.paste the windsails on the stick small on the top and the bigger on can also make pirate flag and attach it on the middle stick

Step 6: The Mission Is Acomplished and the Hat Is Ready to Wear

Leave the hat to dry for 15 minutes and after that the hat will be ready and your curiosity of being a pirate will be fulfilled.

Thanks for reading this instuctable.

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