Introduction: The Ultimate Paper Dart.

Any fool can make a naff paper plane that will flop around the playground.This however is the ultimate breaktime doomsday weapon.

Plus it looks like an imperial star destroyer

Step 1: Take a Sheet of Paper.

Crease it down the middle.

Fold the sides in forming a 45 degree angle.

Repeat this twice more.

Step 2: Key Step for Ultimate Performance

Fold the nose of the dart over itself.

This has two functions:

1) it concentrates mass at the nose of the dart

2) you can point out to your teacher that this is a safety aware project, designed to test an innovative approach to aerodynamics. It will definitely not put someone's eye out.

Step 3: Dihedral Angle

If you look at a real aeroplane you will notice that the wings meet at an angle. This is the dihedral angle.

This creates something called the dihedral effect which makes it more stable in flight. Look it up on Wickipedia!

Step 4: You Are Awesome

You now have a basic grasp of aerodynamics. Which, lets face it, is only a short step from rocket science.