Introduction: The Walking, Talking, Smarphone Controlled Instructables Robot

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i've always wanted to contribute to the instructable robot making community, so here is one that any age group can make. this is a collaboration of many instructables online, from which I have learned a lot. combined into a single post, thank you everyone for sharing their work.!!


it is solder free to build, plug & play circuit building like a game

programming is as easy as copy & paste, no prior experience necessary

under $15 project that will teach you basic intro to programming, mechanical engineering, circuit building and much more..


2x micro 9g servo

1x nodemcu microcontroller

1x mini breadboard

1x powerbank

1x neopixel stick

male to male jumper cables


let's make..>

Step 1: The Walking

inspired by author "randofo" and his design Skitter, simple bot I decided to give the toothbrush legs a chance..


i had to add additional front and back support using hot glue and chopsticks.

Step 2: Talking

inspired by all the LED sign making, this instructable robot talks with CoLoR created by RGB leds.


it's head can also follow you around with his amazing facial expressions :)

Step 3: Smartphone Controlled

wiring is very simple. both servos and the LED stick get their power from pin VU on the computer. which supplies 5V


and both servos and the LED stick go to GND (G) on the computer for the negative (-) wire.


after these connections you can now connect the corresponding signal wires.

- neck servo goes to pin D5 on computer

- leg servo goes to pin D4 on computer

- led strip goes to pin D2 on computer


before plugging in the little microcontroller to your computer to program, we must follow a very few one time steps;

1. download and install cp210x driver

2. follow these few simple arduino IDE steps

3. go here and dowload blynk library to your computer

4. go to on your phone and download the app

5. you can now upload the code - don't forget to change your app & wifi settings on lines 14 & 20

6. start a new project on blynk app and get the "auth token" to insert in line 14 above

7. add widget zergba, set it to merge on pin V2 and 0-500 on each RGB parameter

8. add widget two axis joystick, set it to split on V4 0-255 and V5 70-140 (auto return OFF, rotate on tilt OFF)

9. turn on your robot with powerbank

10. hit "play" on blynk app and start controlling.!!

Step 4: Instructables Robot

there you have it, hope you have learned something new and exciting from this instructable.


it's all about sharing your work, improving upon others and being creative.!!

go ahead, give it a try - you can ask for help in the comments.