Introduction: The Z.T.I.C.K. or S.T.I.C.K

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This is an instructable on how to make the Z.T.I.C.K., or Zombie Tactical Infantry Combat Killer, or S.T.I.C.K., Survival Tactical Infantry Combat Killer, for those of you who don't like to have any fun...

I love the woods, but the most annoying thing possible are roots, stones and just tripping. Walking sticks are a great way to lessen your chances of scraping a knee or elbow, and this is a way on how to make it both stylish and a survival tool.

Step 1: Scavenging for Parts

This is a very flexible instructable, and you can sub-in or sub-out whatever you feel is necessary for your area. (Many of the items below won't be shown in the picture, sorry.) What I used was:

-Skinny scrap PVC pipe

-Twisty wine cork

-Swiss tool (Or scissors or another type of knife.)

-Electrical tape

-Paracord (Amount is up to you)

-Rubber Bands

-Carabiner with compass


-Mini SOG "Key" style knife

-Paracord Grenade (Not made by me)

For the inside of my walking sticks' handle:

-Bobby pin

-Sewing Needle

-5 Advil in tinfoil



-Couple matches

-Striker (Glued under cap)

Step 2: Preparing Handle

You are going to need to find a cord that fits inside your handle. I could only find one, so I cut it in half. After a cork is found, either cut it in half, or have two corks that fit inside. Glue one cork or cork-half as far down into the handle as you like (Make sure it isn't too far!). This will be where you can keep your hidden cache of supplies. Take the other cork and plug the top once the handle has been stuffed with supplies.

Step 3: Wrapping Handle

Take strips of electrical tape that are about the same size. Tape them going down until you can fit both your hands around it as if it were a baseball bat (useful as a club). Once you are finished taping, move on.

Step 4: Begin Paracord Wrap

Take paracord and begin wrapping it around the pipe until it as long as you feel neccesary. Cut the cord and loop or tie it in place. Feel free to burn the end, I just didn't because I like easy access to the "guts."

Step 5: Add More Gear...

Using rubber bands I attached a carabiner with a compass which holds a small knife and a paracord grenade. I also added a tactical flashlight which is really bright. I'm working on adding a reversible end which will have a blunt and sharp side, so the stick can be used as a spear too.

Step 6: Your Turn!

Now add whatever you like! Make it your own and prepare for those zombies! If you are wondering why the bottom half is bare, it's because it needs to be waterproof in case you want it to be a paddle. Also, it's good so mud doesn't get in the cord or the tape. I hope you enjoyed this instructable and vote for me in the Makerlympics and the Spring has Sprung contests!

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