Introduction: Spider-Man: DIY Venom Symbiote

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In Spider-Man, there is an alien known as a symbiote that has a gooey, black, sticky and almost liquid like form that captures it's host and puts them into a suit/costume-like skin, but the symbiote is also able to control the host's mind. Venom is what happens to Spider-man originally, before heading to another host, Eddie Brock. Being completely in awe of the black muck that Spider-man discovers , I knew I had to make it myself. In this instructable, we will take advantage of a non-Newtonian mixture that has the same sticky and gooey qualities as Symbiote, but can be dyed any color. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gathering Materials...

Simple ingredients are all that is necessary for this awesome experiment (add more or less material for different amounts of "Symbiote):

1 Cup of water
1 Cup of cornstarch
Mixing tool
Black food coloring
Mixing bowl

Step 2: Dry Ingredients...

Put your dry ingredients into a bowl.

Step 3: Prepare the Water...

Add your color to your water. Mix this thoroughly, then let sit.

Step 4: Mix the Two...

Now hold your horses! Don't pour all your liquid in yet! Pour it little by little, mixing it in. Mix first with your mixing tools, but soon you will most likely use your hands.

Step 5: Consistency...

Some people like their symbiote to be more liquidy, others prefer it more solid. Add the materials to your liking. Goopy when moved, liquidy when settled is the goal!

Step 6: Play!

My symbiote turned out blue because I had no black food coloring, but the consistency is great! Pick up and play! It should feel solid, yet be liquidy.

Step 7: Final Touches

Enjoy your symbiote! But beware, after the symbiote is played with, your hands will be black! (It washes off with hot water, soap and scrubbing!) The goop is easily disposed by watering it down until it is only water, then pouring it down the drain slowly. Pour hot water down with it too. Symbiote does store well too, but after a couple weeks or months when you pop off the lid after not playing with it, it will STINK! In this situation, dispose as said before. Finally, if swallowed, a small amount is okay, but try not to eat it! I am not responsible for anything STUPID you do on your part!

Step 8: Other Fun Things to Do...

1. Drop objects in and watch them sink and disappear!
2. Put a plate of symbiote on a speaker and grab your earmuffs! Blast the speakers and watch the symbiote come to life like in Spider-Man!
3. Make a small solid ball and lob it at a friend with a bat! Have them hit it and see what happens!
4. Symbiote fight! Using white symbiote, have a makeshift snowball fight! (Outside!)