Introduction: The IPhone Crashing Message

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How's it going guys, today I have an instructable that's a little different from what I normally do. This concerns the recently popular message that causes an iPhone to turn off and restart. This will show you ways to stop this from turning off your phone.

Step 1: For Those Who Do Not Know

The message in the picture above can and will cause your iPhone to restart if it is sent to you. This specific version of the message will not cause permanent damage to your phone, however the same message can be modifies for more malicious causes.

There are probably many ways to prevent this but these are two if the easiest

1. Block the user
2. Stop notifications from a contact

Step 2: Option 1

Option 1 is to block that contact from your phone, this will not allow the person using that phone number to call or text your phone, this is useful if someone you don't know is spamming you with this message and restarting your phone.

To block a contact, follow these steps or follow the pictures
1. Click on the number of the person who sent the message
2. Click details
3. Click the "i" icon that is In a circle
4. Click "block this caller"

Step 3: Option 2

Option two is to turn off notifications for a certain contact, this is useful if the person sending these messages is a close friend who you still want to get messages from. However, whenever this contact sends a message to you, your phone will not ring or vibrate. So you won't notice he/she has sent you a message until you look and see the red dot with a "1" on the corner of your message icon.

Follow these steps or the pictures
1. Click on your friends name in your messages
2. Click "details"
3. Turn on the "Do Not Disturb" option

Step 4: End Result

Both ways should work

Option 1 will stop that person from sending that message because he won't be allowed to

Option 2 will still allow you to receive the message without experiencing its effect. So in summary it stops the message from restating your phone.

The reason behind option 2 is because the fact that you have received that message doesn't crash your phone, it's when the message is trying to display as a banner on top of the phone screen

Step 5: Conclusion

I hope I was able to help anyone who was burdened with this message

I do not know if someone has discovered these methods before me (specifically option 2) but I assure you I am not trying to steal anyone's credit

Thank you for viewing this instructable and I hope this was able to stop the effects of someone constantly sending this to you.