Introduction: The Knex Runed Soulblade!

Here's my latest creacration inspired from the runed souldblade in world of warcraft!

It's the most comfortable ,rock-solid ,weildable knex weapon on the site! Maybe the world!

parts list:

grey +22
        yellow +2
           blue +2
        white +42
       green +44


        yellow/grey +38
snowflakes/white  15
                 blue 3D 7
       purple/silver3D 1
       y connectors 12
       brown/orange 24
                    green 4
                      red 24
   light gay lol gray 20
                dark gray2

    silver 10

Step 1: The Blade

Build this follow the notes

Step 2: Put the Blade Together

Follow the pics they take you from the tip to the handle part. Connect everything!

Step 3: Build the Handle!

Build this remember it's one chunk.

Step 4: Build Something on the Handle

It would be a good idea to cap of the handle at the bottom with something to hold it together even better. i used  2 blue 3-D connectors on the gray rod that you had to shove down the hole in the handle. with a white rod and a green connector to hold it on the green rods.