Introduction: Thor's Hammer (Mjölnir) Keychain

One of my friends is a huge fan of Thor, so for her birthday I was thinking it would be cool to give her some Thor paraphernalia. She already has a full-sized Mjölnir, so I decided to go small and give her a Mjölnir keychain. You can buy them, but I felt that it would be more special if I made her one. Since I do not have a 3d printer or anything fancy like that, i made it out of balsa wood. Despite my lack of woodworking skills, it turned out pretty well.

Step 1: Step One: Materials

- Block of balsa wood (mine was1ft x 2in x 1.5in)
-  1/4th inch Wooden dowel 
- Small screw eyes
- Black spray paint
- Silver paint
- Goggles
- Mask
- Hobbyhack
- Key ring loop thing
- Drill with a 1/4th inch or just smaller bit
Not Pictured
- File
- Piece of leather cord about 3 inches long (you can find this at Michael's) 
- Crazy glue
- Safety gloves
- Latex gloves

Step 2: Step Two: Making the Head of the Hammer and the Handle

1. Cut the balsa wood block to 1.5in x 2in using the hacksaw make it easier to work with. This measurement depends on how wide your block was. I cut a few before finally settling on the right proportions.
2. For me, it turned out somewhat uneven and rough where I had cut it, so I sanded the edges till they were more or less smooth.
3. Mjölnir is flattened on the edges, giving it a distinctive shape. To yours look like the real thing, use a file to flatten the edges. It may help to mark off how much you want it filed. (I also tried an exacto knife and the hacksaw, but filing worked the best)
4. Cut a piece of dowel 1.5in long. This will be the handle.
5. Drill a hole in the bottom where the handle will be attached later. Make sure it fits snugly. 

Note: The measurements I used were based off of how big my block was, etc. You can change it to make sure your hammer looks just right.

Step 3: Painting

1. Spray paint the handle black and let it dry. You could use other types of paint: this was just what I had around. The color also does not matter that much, as most of the handle will later be covered. I painted it just to give the final product a better look.
2. Paint the hammer head silver and let it dry. What I did was use three coats of paint, but I would recommend doing a base coat of black, and then painting it silver.

Step 4: Final Touches and Assembly

1. Determine how much cord you will need by wrapping it around the handle, then cut to size
2. Brush crazy glue on the handle, up until the part that will be attached to the hammer head
3. Wrap the leather cord around the handle and let dry
4. When it is dry, screw the screw hook into it
5. Using a bit of wood glue, attach the handle and the hammer head. Wipe away the excess around the handle and let dry
6. Attach the key ring loop thing and viola. You now have a Thor's hammer keychain.

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