Introduction: Healthy Green Gram Laddu

Laddus are ball-shaped sweets very popular in India. There are many versions of Laddus. In this version we will make Laddus with Whole Green Gram, which very nutritious and healthy for all ages

Green Gram Laddu is made with just three ingredients - whole Green gram, Sugar and Ghee.

Please see the instructable on how to make these Sweet Laddus very easily at home

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients required for making Laddus are,

  • One cup of whole Green gram
  • One cup of Sugar
  • Half a cup of Ghee

Step 2: Roast Green Gram

  • Dry roast the Green gram in a pan over medium heat
  • Remove from pan and allow to cool
  • Using a Mixer grinder, grind the roasted Green gram into fine powder and keep in a bowl

Step 3: Powder Sugar

  • Powder the sugar using the mixer grinder and add to the grind Green gram in the bowl

Step 4: Make the Laddu Mix

  • Melt Ghee in stove and add spoonful of it at a time to the Green gram + sugar in the bowl
  • You can use a ladle to mix all ingredients, but by hand is the easiest method
  • You have to add ghee in spoonfuls and mix continuously till both Green gram and Sugar powders are well mixed and is easily pliable by hand

Step 5: Make Laddus

  • Take lemon sized mix in hand and press to make ball-shaped Laddus. You have to make the shapes when the mix is little warm with melted ghee

These Laddus taste wonderful and children will love it. Serve these delicious and nutritious Laddus as an evening snack

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