Introduction: Three Pence Earrings

I used to collect coins, but recently I have been interested in making jewelry and older coin have provided very nice source of precious metals. In this instructable I will be using two three pence British coins to make a pair of earrings. These coins are made from sterling silver and are nearly a hundred years old.

Step 1: Supplies

- I used two three pence coins I found in my old coin collection, but you could use any small coin. These are silver which is soft and pretty easy to form. If you want to know the composition of your coins google is very helpful.

- I didn't have any earring hooks just laying around so I used a thin, small type paperclip. Also where is the fun in buying something when you could make it?

-Drill and Various Bits
-Needle Type Thing (I would love to know what it is called. If you could tell me I would be very thankful!)
-Anvil (I use the head of a second hammer for this)

Step 2: Hammer Time!

Step 3: Punch the Holes

Use the needle thing to punch the holes for the hooks.

Step 4: Polish

Use progressively finer sandpaper of drill bits to buff to a nice shine!

Step 5: Attach the Hooks

First you will need to trim the paperclip down to size. Then grind down any rough edges to prevent snagging on skin. Bend into shape, put it through the hole and close a loop.

Step 6: Finished

Present to whoever you wish to impress with your handiwork or wear them yourself and get nice compliments or jealous stares.

This is my first instructable so any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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