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Introduction: Tie Fighter Ornament

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I'm making a "Darth Vader" (ish) Christmas tree. I got a little carried away when I bought the tree and also purchased a few little silver gaudy ornaments. I couldn't resist the shiny.

The "Darth" parts are to be made out of perler beads. I wanted to continue the theme/look and decided that some of the ornaments could also be Tie fighters with perler wings to match.


  1. glue gun
  2. parchment paper
  3. perler beads (good selection at Joanns)
    • black
    • grey/silver
    • black white checkered
  4. smaller silver/grey ornaments
  5. iron

Step 1: Construct


  • 2 wings
  • 2 joints
  • 1 front window

If you are not familiar with perler beads, essentially you are placing beads on a peg board and melting them into place with an iron. Tutorials can be found on youtube <https://youtu.be/nvNde93w75g>

Step 2: Essemble


  1. window first to orient and center everything else to.
  2. joints
  3. last attach wings. (NOTE: make sure the wings are lined up. My first had them rotated off from each other)

Cheers ^^

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