Introduction: TinkerCad From Silly to Life Saving

TinkerCad is a great software to start off your 3D printing and modelling passion. It is user friendly and I have been creating projects with my friends for years on this software. It is open source and user Friendly.

Now enough about TinkerCad, this instructable sheds light on the Pandemic to some Fun stuff kids like me would love to do. Teachers can use this project to help students design essentials and fun stuff like your own Wonder Woman Tiara.

I have shared the STL Files at the end - for you to start tinkering :)


A passion to learn and a TinkerCad Account :)

For Teachers you could look into the detailed procedure in a link I shall share later in this instructable.

Step 1: Feeling Fidgety Make a Fidget Spinner

This Design was inspired fro the Mechanics of a Clock. The design uses 4 gears that spin smoothly in a Hypnotising sync. Have fun!!!

Step 2: Scare Your Parents and Have Some Lockdown Fun- a 3D Designed Ghost

This is a model That uses a high amount of skill to make but is fun.

You would need a additional battery for this to work ; )

Step 3: Make a Secret Rose Box Designed to Hide Your Deepest Secrets

This Box uses a Rotational mechanism that opens and closes a box. The leafs slide over each other making it look elegant.

We are here to keep those secrets Safe Have Fun !!!

Step 4: Feeling Low Design This Wonder Woman Tiara for Your Sister or Yourself

This is a design taken from the famous DC superhero Wonder Woman. a perfect add to your Cosplay Costume

Ready to kick some Gangsters :))

Step 5: Design This Oxygen Ventilator Valve and Save a Life

During this Crisis the world needs us lets help them. This oxygen valve can help save a life do something worthwhile.

This is a real good project for students from age 10 to 16 it will help them build good designing skills and will help save a life!

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