Introduction: Tiny Basket

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In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a cute miniature basket that looks very real. Although it has the appearance of a weaved basket, it's easy to make.

You can use it as a decoration for Easter or spring, as Easter party favors, add it to a dollhouse, use it as a wrapping for a small gift, it's the perfect size for Barbie or as a little bed for the LPS.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Yarn. Or if you have a thin rope that's not too stiff will work too.

A disposable aluminum foil tart pan. Mine is from frozen mini tart shells.


Glue gun

Step 2: Shape the Pan

If you'll like a round basket you can use the pan as is and skip this step.

I wanted an oval-shaped basket so I squeezed gently the pan. It was very easy because the foil is malleable.

Step 3: Cover With Yarn

Glue the yarn all over the basket, it's easy if you follow a spiral. At the end the basket will be fully covered, inside and out. Before covering the inside see next steps

Step 4: Make the Handle

Cut three pieces of yarn, mine were 17cm long. But it will vary if your tin is bigger or smaller.

Make a braid. Make a knot or glue each end.

Repeat another two times so that you have three braids.

Now each braid will be a string so you can make a thicker braid. (As shown in the last picture)

Step 5: Cover the Inside

Begin covering the inside at the centre (see picture). Before covering the walls, glue the handle, then continue gluing the yarn on the walls and over the knots of the braids.

Step 6: How Will You Use Your Tiny Basket?

That's it now you have a tiny basket!

I used it as a gift wrapping for earrings. But there are many other ways to use it!

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