Introduction: Tiny Elf-on-The-Shelf Furniture

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This tiny elf on the shelf furniture is perfect for the holidays, fun, and more! The furniture is easy to make and fun to play with. Now, since it’s not Christmas time, my elf named Kansas isn’t here so some barbies posed in his house instead. I’ve been making elf furniture for a while, two years to be exact and I add more along the way. I’ve also been looking for a way to show people my work, and instructables is the best place to do it! I hope you like it.


All you need to make it is lots of cardboard, fabric of your choice, and paper to start. You can cut a box to make the house, use cardboard to make a table, draw/print out pictures to put in your house, and fabric and cardboard to make a bed. Then, you can let your imagination do the rest. If you get an idea such as to make a pool and a slide then be my guest and make the best elf on the shelf pool there’s ever been!

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