Tiny Pillow

Introduction: Tiny Pillow

Whether you need a new piece for a dollhouse or just some practice sewing, a tiny pillow has many uses. This project is quick, simple, and easy to follow. This project is really good for people who want some practice using a sewing machine or doing it by hand.

All you'll need is:

  1. two pieces of cloth that are the same size
  2. scissors
  3. sewing machine (or a needle and thread if you want to go old school)
  4. a filler

That's it! This is cheap, so when your ready grab what you need and let's get started.

Step 1: The Steps

First, line up two pieces of fabric that are the same size. You'll want these to be slightly larger than the size you want the pillow to be since it will shrink a little after we sew and stuff it

Next, sew both pieces around the edge, leaving a larger gap near one of the corners. The closer to the edge you sew the pillow, the larger the pillow will be.

Take your now sewed piece of fabric and turn it inside out. This will hide your seam and make the whole pillow look better.

Stuff your pillow with whatever you like. I used cotton stuffing, but you can get creative with it. A cheap alternative to stuffing it plastic grocery bags.

Sew the gap closed, leaving you with a tiny pillow. Hopefully, this project helps on your journey to sewing!

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    3 years ago

    Nice! One of my first sewing projects ever, was a small pillow/doll thing I made in school. It's a great little project to learn some basics - thanks for sharing your work!