Tiny Terrors Grenade(TheKnexChicken's Pin Design)

Introduction: Tiny Terrors Grenade(TheKnexChicken's Pin Design)

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The new grenade in the Tiny Terrors line.

Step 1: Pin

This is what you pull out before throwing.

Step 2: Body

The body. Make one with the white connectors and 7 without.

Step 3: Put the Body Together

Just do what the picture says and make sure it don't fall apart.

Step 4: Putting Pin in Body

Put in the pin and wrap the rubber band around the grenade.

Step 5: Done!

99% credit go to TheKnexChicken for giving me the pin design and most of the body design and 1% to me for making this instructable,
Anyway, I hope you have a good day!(to use pull out the big blue piece in the middle and throw)

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